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Adult predators actively search for fungus gnat larvae and other harmful soil pests. The tiny, nearly invisible slug-like larvae scour the undersides of plant leaves for aphids, and eat them as their primary food source. They are very good fliers. Controlling aphids organically is much easier if you encourage natural predators like hoverflies to take up residence in your garden. Hoverfly larvae eat aphids, small caterpillars including cabbage worms, as well as thrips, scale, and tiny mites. As their name suggests, adults often ‘hover’ like mini helicopters over nectar and pollen-rich flowers. Especially in summer, hoverflies can provide excellent control of aphids, scale and other soft-bodied insects. Little beetle larva clings to the tip of a leaf. Please read my Disclosure Statement for more details. $ 73.50. To encourage pollinators and predator insects like hoverflies into your garden, avoid using chemicals or pesticides. The best resource for hoverfly identification is Stubbs and Falk's guide to British hoverflies. The full length of this larva would have be around 80mm - most likely a moth. It can be found in gardens, wasteland and meadows. They also feed on other small, soft insects. Upon hatching, the hoverfly larvae scour the leaf surface for food. They look like pink or green caterpillars about 5mm long. Adult hoverflies eat nectar and pollen from flowers, including food crops. If you have too many aphids, you have an imbalance of not enough predators!”. Syrphid flies also like the little blooms of buckwheat and most herbs, especially catnip, oregano and late-blooming garlic chives. Learn how your comment data is processed. Adult hoverflies feed primarily on the nectar of flowers and also help to pollinate. These can help keep aphid numbers and other sap suckers in balance – no chemicals needed. Birds eat both adults and larvae. They belong to the family Syrphidae, a family within the order Diptera (true flies). Adult hoverflies feed primarily on flower nectar, and help pollinate some crops. They suck the juices out of the aphid’s body, Imitate Nature for Higher Yields and Less Pests, 13 Benefits of Growing Flowers in your Vegetable Garden, 4 Steps to Improve Pollination and Your Harvests: Part 1, 4 Steps to Improve Pollination and Your Harvests: Part 2, Flower Flies & Other Biological Control Agents for Aphids in Vegetable Crops, Hoverfly preference for high honeydew amounts creates enemy-free space for aphids colonizing novel host plants, 18 Top Tips for Gardening in Dry Climate Conditions. Good Bug Mix. They are valuable predator insects to have in your garden as part of your organic pest management strategy. This last year they kept the green house completely free of aphids and thrips. Hoverfly larvae look very similar to other pest caterpillars like diamondback moth. They suck the juices out of the aphid’s body! Gardeners, therefore, sometimes use companion plants to attract hoverflies. New here? There are more than 260 hoverfly species in Britain and just under half of them have larvae … Hoverfly larvae not only eat aphids but also soft bodied sap suckers like scale, mites, thrips and some small caterpillars. Sericomyia - Large and distinctive species. Because aphids cause such extensive crop damage, some species of overfly larva are used for pest control purposes. Thanks for visiting and ‘dig in’! Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. After a week of feeding, the larvae fall to the soil and pupate for around two weeks. Adult hoverflies lay scattered eggs on leaves being fed upon by small, soft-bodied insects such as aphids. By releasing ladybirds (as adults or larvae) and/or Lacewings in your garden you can boost their numbers and help nature help you control pests.. N.B. Free shipping. Cultural practices to aid establishment. Some of the best flowers to attract hoverflies are yarrow, Queen Anne’s lace, cornflowers and flowers in the Umbellifer family that we met in last month’s newsletter. Many annual flowers attract hoverflies, including sweet alyssum and bachelor buttons. May to November, peaking in August.

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